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Fly-In to where the Big Fish Bite! Remote Wilderness Fishing for the Big Five Sport Fish
Big Canon Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario is located in a remote area of northwestern Ontario, 25 miles northwest of Vermilion Bay, accessible only by float plane. We offer an outstanding variety of fishing that includes Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Muskie, and Northern Pike. When staying at our Ontario Fly In Fishing Lodge, we fish our main lake, the adjacent river system and fiveportage lakes.

In recent years our waters have produced Walleye to 12 pounds, Smallmouth Bass to 6 pounds, Lake Trout to 27 pounds, Muskies to 30 pounds, and Northern Pike to 28 pounds. These are the waters you won't forget. Wet your line and start hauling in the Tackle Busters.

Big Canon Lake. This is our main lake where the Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing Lodge is located. Over 75 miles of shoreline surround this deep, crystal clear, spring fed fisherman's paradise. Ranging from three to four miles wide and about eight miles long, this lake has an area of 8.8 square miles or about 5,600 acres. Famous for its Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass, Big Canon also produces the occasional trophy Northern Ontario Muskie Fishing and Northern Ontario Pike Fishing. This lake has never been commercially fished. (A boat & motor for every two fishermen is maintained at the Ontario Fishing Lodge.)

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